New Farmer Tax Topics

    New Farmer Tax Topics

    On this page, you will find some useful topics for beginning farmers. The linked fact sheets are a good place to start to get basic information you may need as you consider your tax situation.


    These topics are for educational purposes only. We encourage you to seek the advice of a tax or legal professional. 


    Tax Topics:

    Farm, Farming, and Who's a Farmer

    How to Choose a Tax Professional



    Farm Tax Estimator Tool



    An Introduction to Ag Taxes: What New Farmers Should Know  July 2022

    Using the Tax Calculator - being held August 15, 2022 at 2pm ET (register here)


    Other Resources:

    IRS: FAQs- Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers with Credentials and Select Qualifications

    IRS: Verify the Status of an Enrolled Agent

    USDA Farmer's Tax Website

    Land Grant University Tax Education Foundation 

    IRS Farmer's Tax Guide 2021 (Publication 225)